Try our social tracking tool to track Instagram, YouTube and Facebook accounts. Generate incredible professional audits:
  • Brand monitoring
  • Engagement Rate
  • Publication Performance 
  • Hashtags and main mentions
  • PDF report download
  • And much more.

Professional audits in social networks

Keep track of the detailed statistics of the followers and the performance of publications of your brand, that of your customers or that of your direct competitors.

Brand Monitoring

You will be able to track any public Instagram, YouTube and Facebook account with beautiful statistics and graphics, to present professional audits to your clients.


Advanced statistics

Daily you can verify the growth of any account to analyze the participation and commitment of users in your social media strategy.


Competition analysis

Compare the statistics of a brand and its most direct competitor easily and automatically to know the positioning of each account.


Hashtags & Mentions

See the most used hashtags of each analyzed account to know the conversation tags and the most frequent mentions.

Audit Facebook pages

Facebook Insight
Facebook Insight
Know the precise performance data of your publications to underpin your social media content strategy.
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Proyección de Marca
Brand Projection
Have a vision of the future with the projections of Cloud KIT Social Report, based on your averages from previous days.
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